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The Discovery Channel and the History Channel, for example, have been airing a series of documentaries about the end of the world in since These doomsday shows are very popular and these channels are making it worthwhile for themselves. It goes from the pyramids to the Maya, from crop circles to aliens and to Nostradamus, who has been a regular appearance in the debate.

The film industry was also aware of the potentials of such a phenomenon. And people seem to enjoy it.

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However, the advertising made for the film was the object of some controversy. Anyone could register on the site in order to win a lottery ticket. This ticket would supposedly allow them to have a place among a small group of people who would be rescued from the final cataclysm. What followed were several inquires to NASA asking if the site was real and if people should prepare themselves for what is going to come.

On a different note, "Melancholia" by Lars von Trier develops itself against a background of one of the most famous doomsday theories. Literature also caught the gravy train of and proved to be a goldmine to hundreds of authors who deal with these prophecies. The amount of books written about is simply huge. Yet, it is the Internet that makes a real phenomenon. Here lies the truly utter chaos of The web is filled with thousands and thousands of sites that explain, dismiss, prove or make fun of The hoax and misinformation that accompanies most of these sites gain a different dimension on YouTube.

Here we have thousands of videos which show a mysterious planet which some expect will collide with the Earth, making its calm, undetected journey through our solar system. These videos, in turn, have their counterparts, in similar numbers, dismissing such statements. All are followed by miles of commentary and discussion that dwell on topics from government cover-ups to hidden aliens that actually rule the world. This, however, will not be possible if they are correct. So, should we worry? Is the world really going to end? But if one takes a closer look at what the majority of these prophecies and predictions postulate, it is most probable that on 22nd December we will still be here.

Moreover, the end of the world as we know it will likely have more to do with our own actions rather than with a supernova that exploded 30, light years away. The world is indeed changing, the global economy is on the brink of a huge recession, there is famine, disease and massive poverty throughout the whole planet and, last but definitely not least, war between Israel and Iran is imminent.

If, however, nothing happens on 21st December , and if somehow the after parties for that Friday which are currently being planned on Facebook do not compel you, worry not. We will have a new phenomenon in store for , predicted by Sir Isaac Newton and his reading of Biblical prophecies. You must be logged in to post a comment. Free media cannot run for free. Unlike social media, we are not using your personal information to sell you advertising. Unlike some publications, our content does not hide behind a paywall. Yet servers, images, newsletters and editorial staff cost money.

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These social sharing buttons are provided by and are part of these social media sites. They may collect and use personal data as described in their respective policies. Fair Observer does not receive personal data from your use of these social sharing buttons. Many proponents of the faux apocalypse thought Nibiru was going to strike Earth that December, vindicating their beliefs about the Mayan Long Count calendar.

More recently, in , some Christian fundamentalists declared that Nibiru or a similar object was fast approaching and would soon herald the apocalypse. Let's take this opportunity to try and put some minds at ease. To recap, Nibiru supposedly has an orbital period of 3, Earth years.

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On its face, that claim seems plausible. After all, it takes the minor planet Sedna which actually exists an incredible 11, Earth years to finish one trip around our sun. But Sedna gives the sun a wide berth.

Scientists use astronomical units , or AUs, to measure some of the vast distances in the cosmos. One AU is equal to about 93 million miles million kilometers , which is the average distance between Earth and the sun.

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Even at its closest point to the sun, Sedna is 76 AUs away from the life-giving star — putting it far beyond Neptune, Uranus and the much-maligned Pluto. Yet Nibiru is supposed to make regular forays into the inner solar system, which is the domain of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Using these criteria, Bruce McClure at Earthsky. So in the span of 3, years, poor old Nibiru would have to travel all the way from planet Earth to this very distant location — and back. To stay on schedule, the planet would need a ridiculously narrow, almost stick-shaped orbit.

And it'd be moving really, really fast. As it passed by the Earth, we'd expect Nibiru to have a dizzying travel speed of That spells trouble. A planet cruising at such a high velocity — and along such an unstable orbit — would be at risk of getting ejected out of the solar system entirely. Bye, Felicia! OK, so what would happen if Nibiru actually stayed the course and maintained its weird orbit around the sun? Well, if that were the case, we'd have found telltale evidence. Long before Neptune was discovered in , astronomers suspected there might be a large planet in its general vicinity.

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Because observers noticed that Uranus — which was first sighted in — kept deviating from its expected orbit. Mathematicians hypothesized that this was because a nearby planet was influencing Uranus. Lo and behold, these predictions were spot-on. The mystery planet turned out to be the gas giant we now call Neptune. Likewise, if Nibiru was real, its influence on the other planets in our solar system would be plain to see.

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And if — as many apologists claim — Nibiru was Jupiter-sized or bigger, that influence would be all the more obvious because massive planets exert strong gravitational pulls. Today, all the planets from Venus to Neptune orbit the sun on the same general plane give or take a few degrees.

But according to astronomer David Morrison , if a Nibiru-esque body was careening past Earth every 3, years, its gravity would've driven at least some of those planets way off the plane — leaving them with severely tilted orbital pathways. Also, spare a thought for Earth's natural satellite. Nibiru would have presumably stolen our moon away by now.

Finally, there's the issue of direct observation — or, more accurately, the lack thereof. Astronomers would be able to detect Nibiru several years before it reached Earth.