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The last in the Sheriff Wyler Scott series. A restored Earth, a retiring sheriff, an end of the old, a beginning of the new. Time to retire and wind down. Well, maybe not just yet. It's never easy to just stop and surprises and curves await this wrap-up to a…. Cahuilla Country by "Mark Paul" Sebar. As we go along, we find that not….

Micro Fights by "Mark Paul" Sebar. The original and first Sebar title from finds a full blown space war between the Human's from Earth and the Jovian's from Ganymede in the Jupiter system. Out long before Star Wars was released in , and combining space wars with germs from the microscopic…. Ciera by "Mark Paul" Sebar.

Sheriff Wyler Scott and existing humans, what is left of humanity now reside on the alien Ahgundy world of "Ciera" in this tenth in the series novel. They are at peace and the Aztec God's are now in charge of everyone and everything.

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Arriving in space…. In the 9th Sheriff Wyler Scott, things are about to get wild. Ciera, Bigfoot, the Na'Neelah are calling and the solar system is at stake. We find the Sheriff…. Cuffed by "Mark Paul" Sebar. A vicious serial killer from the distant past, The Screwdriver Killer is finally up for trial or is he? Then there are the gangbangers in the desert, a….

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In and around Sacramento, PM2. The first satellite image above shows Paradise Pines, California, before the fire in September, while the second photo of the same area uses shortwave infrared satellite imagery to penetrate smoke and reveal how the fire looked on Nov. This satellite photo shows the billowing smoke that rose above the Camp fire in Paradise, California, on Nov.

President Donald Trump will visit California on Saturday to meet with those impacted by the state's destructive and deadly wildfires, the White House said Thursday. Trump's visit will come more than a week after the Woolsey, Hill, and Camp fires broke out and after he sent an inaccurate tweet blaming the state's forest management for the fires.

Collectively, the fires have burned more than , acres, have destroyed upward of 10, structures, and have killed at least 59 people. Hundreds of people remain missing in the Butte County area as firefighters continue to battle the deadly blaze. More than people are now listed as missing in the deadly Camp fire, according to the Butte County Sheriff's Office, which published a list of those who have yet to be found late Wednesday night.

The number is more than double from the people listed Wednesday morning. The total grew rapidly as more names were reported to authorities. Fire officials previously told BuzzFeed News that people initially listed as missing had been found. However, the death toll, now at 56, could grow to more than victims as officials scour the charred landscape. The Camp fire is already the deadliest in California history. It's also the most destructive, having burned 10, structures. Plowing through entire communities and leaving dozens of people dead in its path, the massive blaze known as the Camp fire spread too quickly for many to escape its devastating wrath.

For some, the only escape from the flames was in the frigid waters of a lake. In a last-ditch bid for survival, at least a dozen people jumped into a reservoir in Concow, a rural community outside of Paradise. Peggy Moak, whose home sits near the reservoir, told BuzzFeed News four people who jumped into the lake to escape the fire were rescued by her brother-in-law and a friend after they spent hours in the chilly water. As flames from a fast-moving wildfire closed in on town, Allyn Pierce and his staff at the Adventist Health Feather River Hospital knew they had to get all of their patients out. Pierce, a nurse at the hospital, had just received a text message from his wife warning of the blaze when he went outside to see smoke looming over the facility from miles away.

Over the next 20 minutes, Pierce and the hospital staff sprang into action, evacuating all of the sick and injured patients inside before the Camp fire could devour the facility. As the flames closed in on his white pickup truck, he could see his side mirror beginning to melt. The remains of eight additional victims of the Camp fire were found in Paradise on Wednesday, bringing the total death toll to But fire officials told BuzzFeed News that number could grow to more than victims. As of Wednesday, almost a week after fire struck the mountain town, people remain unaccounted for, Butte County Sheriff-Coroner Kory Honea said.

His department has enlisted law enforcement personnel from around the state to work phones and investigate missing persons reports, he added. So far, around people initially reported missing have been found. Of the 56 people found dead, 47 have been tentatively identified, he added. The department is waiting on DNA samples from relatives to confirm identities.

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Search and recovery efforts ramped up on Wednesday with 22 cadaver dogs as well as members of the California National Guard. A total of people are now involved in canvassing Paradise for victims, who may have been reduced to bones by the blaze. Honea would not estimate how long the search would take; it was more important to get it right, he said.

Apart from the lives lost in the fire, more than 10, structures were destroyed. That's roughly double of last year's Tubbs fire in Sonoma and Napa counties, which previously held the state's record for most destructive wildfire.

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Pam Denna and her husband thought they would be able to go home when they hitched a ride with friends Thursday morning to escape the Camp fire as it tore through the town of Paradise in Northern California. Now, they're stranded in nearby Chico with no vehicle and no home to return to, sleeping in a tent in the parking lot of a Walmart with hundreds of other evacuees displaced by the most destructive and deadliest fire in the state's history.

Officials are trying to contain an outbreak of norovirus at one of the shelters housing people displaced by the Camp fire in Northern California. According to the Butte County Public Health Department, 21 of evacuees have been sickened by the norovirus at the Neighborhood Church shelter in Chico. She added that people who are ill have been taken to a separate location at the shelter and are being cared for by public health nurses. The Camp fire swept through Paradise in Northern California with unprecedented speed and power, and without local emergency planning, more people would have died, the town's fire chief told BuzzFeed News.

David Hawks, Paradise fire chief and a Cal Fire division chief, said firefighters had prepared for the flames to flank the foothill city, but extreme winds, plus plenty of dry fuel, caught everyone off guard.

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In the days since the fire, Butte County officials said there wasn't time to send a wireless emergency alert WEA to catch all cellphones in the area. Hawks added that though the WEA system is effective, he's not sure it would have made any difference in this case. And he believed Paradise's evacuation plan, first instated in and updated last year, made a difference where it could be followed.

More than people remain unaccounted for since the fire struck last week. After touring the charred remains of California's most destructive wildfire in history, officials painted a grim picture of the devastation and warned of a long road to recovery, even as the state continued to burn. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke called the Camp fire, which practically destroyed the town of Paradise in Northern California, "worse than any war zone [he] saw in Iraq.

California Gov. Jerry Brown echoed Zinke's assessment, saying he barely had the words to describe the destruction. The Camp fire in the north and the Woolsey fire in Southern California have so far scorched more than , acres. The Camp fire has killed 48 people and burned 8, structures, making it the most deadly and destructive in the state's history. For California fire officials, the question has never been whether a wildfire would hit the town of Paradise, it was just a matter of when.

Years before the Camp fire tore through the rural retirement community, becoming the most devastating wildfire in state history, state and local officials had known Paradise faced a serious threat from fires. According to historical fire maps, most of Butte County has burned at some point in the last century, including in a major blaze that burned several homes near Paradise in But the town itself had somehow remained untouched until last week, and locals and firefighters had long been bracing for an inevitable disaster.