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Folks who you can turn to for help? Crises require other people being involved and, if necessary, pulling together a crisis-management team.

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  • 2. Excellent communication.

But the first step is to get your bearings. Because too often, we lead and then we regret it. And remember — this is going more to the PR side of things — the cover-up is always way worse than whatever the original issue was. Your reaction might be to hide it and cover up, but, as we see every day, the cover-up is going to unravel.

Barber: I love new ideas and asking for new ideas. Go for it. Kamitaki: I thoroughly enjoy working with people, and I tend to think strategic and long term. I tend to gloss over them and sometimes it comes to bite me down the road. So the key is to empower people to fill in those details, or come tell me about the important details. Instead, we sit down and talk through it. So when they start to hear that, the defenses go down. Barnes: The values of Kaiser Permanente are why I have been with them for 42 years.

It always comes back to people being healthy, about healthcare and putting the patient at the center of everything you do. I started as a staff nurse on the night shift in critical care, and never aspired for any of the leadership roles. So the personal value matched the values of the organization, and that allowed me to be courageous and bold and be able to deliver on the mission of the organization and my personal mission, too.

Kamitaki: From a young age, it was drilled into me that the purpose of a business is to provide a service. When I got into college, I got into an argument with a professor who said the only purpose of a business is to generate a profit. The purpose of a business is to provide a service. At the end of the meeting, people comforted me, because I got beat up by the professor. F stands for fierce resolve. A stands for Aloha spirit. S stands for superior service and T stands for trustworthy. And so really trying to make sure that everybody has a fierce resolve to get the job done.

That we treat each other with respect and aloha. That we provide, not only internal customers with superior service, but external customers.

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And that we are trusted team members. When we do the s, all questions are based on how they do those four letters. Petranik: One thing that I noticed between the three of you talking about values, that they were simple. Simon: As a leader, you need to have vision. You really need to own it, live it and demonstrate it. Gone are the days of the boss of command and control.

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  • 1. Ability to delegate tasks?

Understanding that can help you make more meaningful connections with people. Barber: They have a lot of pluses. They are tech savvy, multitaskers, team oriented. But that ambition also makes them think of new ideas and challenge the status quo. Barnes: Millennials want relevance.

So it is absolutely critical that they pick the right organization.

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I want to have my time off. More than what you see the next person is doing. Because the work ethic is poor. When I started my career, it was in engineering and in law. There was definitely a culture, both here and on the Mainland, of showing face. Being in the office on Saturday for a certain time.

Millennials are not going to stand for that. You need to give them meaning and why they are doing it, and if you give them some latitude to come up with solutions, they can be powerhouses. Instead of putting in 60 hours in the office to do 40 hours of work, but actually do it in the shorter time. And help them see what the end game is. Barnes: This is an important issue. Barber: When the company has to change, it is crucial to explain to employees the why. So find ways to offset some load from them, so they can actually think about and implement the change. So you can implement change.

Barnes: The other thing is to plan your changes. Build consistent messaging around it, using a lot of time, different forums, different media. Use whatever luxury in time you have to plan for it. Petranik: I agree. As an introvert, I have so many conversations in my head and I forget that some of that thinking stays in my head, rather than comes out my mouth. So, make sure that you use your mouth to explain your thinking to your people. Barber: First of all, make sure you talk to the leader. Back to my point about how a good idea is sometimes just waiting for the right time to be implemented.

Listen to the feedback and try to incorporate or change your idea to account for that feedback. Do it in small increments. I agree with Scott, the best thing is when you have something to say, go to the person who you think will be the most effective in making that change and just talk to them. From my role, there are very few times people actually come up and tell me what they think.

So never assume the leader knows. Petranik: And even if they have told you once, maybe it was at the wrong time and now you need to hear it again. Barnes: A couple of things. I try to get a little bit of refreshment on the weekends. I try to stay away from work one day of the weekend and not even do emails and such, which is hard. I love reading current business magazines and books. I like brainstorming with people, including people from other businesses. And learning how healthcare integrates across other businesses.

Which has really been very, very helpful to me. Always ask. Currently Reading: 15 Keys to Effective Leadership.

The Keys to Effective Leadership

Share this:. How do you lead people in different locations? Was your leadership style an outgrowth of your personality, and did it evolve over time? How do you get executives to evolve and acquire new skills? Overcoming the fear of failure Kamitaki: When I started, I feared making a mistake. Getting out of your comfort zone Barber: It was important for me to get out of my comfort zone at different points in my life, even when I was just scared to death.

Dealing with your leadership weaknesses Barber: I love new ideas and asking for new ideas.

2 Most Important Keys to Effective Leadership

Traits that hold Millennials back. Does leadership require hour work weeks? Helping employees cope with change Barber: When the company has to change, it is crucial to explain to employees the why. Barber: Over and over and over again. Simon: And over communicate it.

How do you approach your bosses when change is required, but they are set in their old ways? Barnes: I would add: Find like-minded people. Determine the motivation and drive of future leaders. Rate them on these four key leadership tenets: curiosity, engagement, insight and determination. Create a growth map that demonstrates how a person's strengths in the four tenets line up with the responsibilities of leadership roles.

Give high-potential employees development opportunities such as job rotations or promotions that fit with their growth map, supported by targeted coaching. United Medical Center board wants to extend contract for fired consultants Questions linger over plan to end inpatient care at Nashville General Hospital Michael Dowling: Partnering with others in pursuit of good ideas. View our policies by clicking here.

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