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As the frightened hikers dismantled their campsite to leave, Jordan allegedly threatened them with a knife, prompting two of the hikers to run away. Jordan chased the pair but returned to the two remaining hikers, attacking the man with his knife.

Authorities ID hiker killed in Appalachian Trail attack

The female victim watched as the male hiker fell to the ground after being stabbed by Jordan, according to the police report. Jordan was known to harass and threaten hikers along the Appalachian Trail. The woman pretended to be dead and Jordan took off.

Bleeding and injured, she walked more than nine kilometres before she was discovered by other hikers and taken to hospital. Wythe County sheriff Keith Dunagan said after the knife attack on the two hikers, Jordan came across another pair of campers sleeping in a tent and shouted at them, demanding a torch.

Worst Nightmare: Blindsided

Jordan was charged by federal police with murder and assault with intent to commit murder and ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation. Jordan had been linked to reports of hikers being harassed in Georgia and Tennessee.

Police said Jordan was a known nuisance to police and hikers on the Appalachian Trail and linked to several incidents of hikers and hostel guests being harassed in multiple states. Online forums used by hikers reported another incident in April in which the man known as Sovereign threatened hikers in North Carolina with a knife, burned a log book at a hiking shelter and defecated all over the site, The Washington Post reported.

More than three million people hike the Appalachian Trail each year.

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Unicoi County Sheriff Mike Hensley said while he knew Jordan was a threat, the hikers he harassed in the April incident were unwilling to press charges or testify against him. An arrest was announced Sunday after a machete attack on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia left one man dead and a woman seriously injured.

James Jordan, 30, of West Yarmouth, Mass.

A Solo Adventure on the Appalachian Trail - Part 1

Attorney Thomas Cullen said. Mugshot for James Jordan, accused in a machete attack on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia early Saturday that killed a male hiker and severely injured a female hiker. District Court. Deputies responded sometime after a.

Murder on the AT: Hiking a "haunted section" of the Appalachian Trail