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He had such happy eyes. I also thought my father was famous; after all every Italian family chose my father to bury their loved ones. As an adult traveling in Rome, I chose to have an engraved gift for my father blessed by the pope. When I gave the sales girl at the Vatican gift shop his name, her hands immediately flew over her mouth as tears came to her eyes.

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Please send him my gratitude. I will never forget him. One of my most memorable moments occurred at age 12, when I received permission to observe the embalming process. No more cows' hearts for me! I graduated to the big time. I sat on a folding chair in the doorframe of the morgue OSHA regulations prevented me from actually entering. I imagined this was my father's final exam; if I passed this, I would be the first to work side by side with my father. The body that lay on the slab was a well -known Mafia figure that was gunned down in Providence.

Surprisingly, his body had been sent to the state morgue for an autopsy. His death seemed apparent to me; his body was riddled with bullet holes. An autopsied body was a real treasure for me; the familiar Y incision was clearly visible, and the thick, yellow, fat -flaps from either side of his belly hung over the sides of the slab. As the embalmer moved on in the process, he would simply throw the organs into the body cavity. At one point, he opened the man's head from the incision in the back.

The Morticians Daughter

It was like a rubbery Halloween mask. He took out the brain and asked if I wanted to hold it. As far as I was concerned, this was the ultimate test. I responded with an emphatic "yes" very quickly. I turned the brain over and over in my hands, amazed at the texture, size, and the significance. It reminded me of my mother's famous tripe dish; spongy, slippery, and wet. That evening at the dinner table, I expected my father to congratulate me and admit it was a test.

He didn't say anything.

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We shared the obituaries in silence until I couldn't wait any longer. What do you mean no? His logic escaped and devastated me. I would never be allowed to follow in my father's footsteps. Freud's penis envy reared its ugly head.

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I was so angry! I was mislead by a Potemkin dream. I was driven to make my mark. Still aiming to please my dad, I pursued an alternate dream. I knew my father respected knowledge and education above all. I went on to study English and Psychology with memories of the mobster's brain held gently in my hands so many years ago. When I began to pursue my doctorate, I got my father's attention. Finally, he was proud.

On the phone with my father in Florida, we discussed the dissertation and my impending defense. He couldn't wait until he could refer to me as "My daughter the doctor".

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My dissertation defense was scheduled for a Monday. On the Wednesday prior, I received a phone call from my mom. My father had choked on a piece of calf's liver while dining with a group of his friends at a favorite Floridian restaurant. He suffered a heart attack due to a loss of oxygen and was on life support.

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  6. Despite his living will, we begged my mom to keep him on life support until we could join mom. February school vacation combined a driving New England snow make all flights impossible.

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    It was three days before my brothers and me arrived in Florida. Missing hotel beds I feel your touch. I will wait dear, A patient of eternity, my crush. A universal still, No rust.

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    No dust will ever grow in this frame, One million years I will say your name. I love you more than I can ever scream. We booked our flight those years ago, I said I love you as I left you. Regrets still haunt my hollow head, But I promised you I will see you again, again. I sit here and smile dear, I smile because I think of you and blush. These bleeding hollow dials This fuss.

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