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Understanding your results

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Understanding customers is the key to giving them good service. To give good customer care you must deliver what you promise.

10 Key Principles For Truly Understanding Your Clients

But great customer care involves getting to know your customers so well that you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. To understand your customers well, you need to be attentive to them whenever you are in contact with them.

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The potential rewards are great: you can increase customer loyalty and bring in new business through positive word-of-mouth recommendation. There are three main ways to understand your customers better. One is to put yourself in their shoes and try and look at your business from their point of view.

The second way is to collect and analyse data in order to shed light on their buying behaviour. The third way is simply to ask them what they think. Understanding your customers requires you to put yourself in their shoes take a hard look at the points at which your customers have contact with your business.

These include meetings and visits, phone calls, correspondence and deliveries.

Understanding your Circle of Competence: How Warren Buffett Avoids Problems

Do your premises look scruffy, is your receptionist unfriendly or do your phones ring and ring without being answered? All of these things can make a customer feel disappointed.

Challenges You Might Be Seeing

The most common customer complaint is being kept waiting. If you're slow to return calls or fulfil orders, then you're in danger of losing customers.